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For Professional and Amateur Athletes

Train - Improve - Enjoy 

What does "train like a professional" mean?

It means trying to improve day by day, setting objectives, planning the training session, committing, doing your best and achieving your goals. Because regardless of your level of ability, at MP Training you will be looked after and trained like a professional.

Feel Better - Play Better - Enjoy More

We know that you like sports and you enjoy performing better every day. At MP Training we support you so you can improve your performance, feel better throughout all the matches, prevent injuries and most important of all, enjoy while you are practising the sport.

Physical Training and Fitness Sessions

At MP Training the workout sessions are personalised and focused on the objectives of each of our clients. You can choose either group or one-to-one sessions.

3D Body Composition Measurement 

 The 3D Styku Scanner provides accurate information on the body composition (% of fat, muscle, bones and other organs). That information is used as the starting point to design a training plan based on clear objectives and measure your progress in detail. You will be able to compare the different results obtained in an incredible way you have never seen before.

Functional Movement Evaluation Test

It is a system that detects limitations in the patterns of movement. It is carried out through a series of tests that imply movement, stability, motor and neuromuscular control.

A specific training schedule is planned from the results obtained in the test, with the aim of increasing the physical capacity and the performance, and preventing possible injuries.

MP Training

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